Tips to get Fluttery Eye Lashes for your Party

Want heavy fringes for your eyes? Grab an eyelash curler and follow these simple instructions


These lashes give eyes an elongated shape. Curl and apply lengthening mascara to the upper and lower lashes. Once set, draw a thin stroke of black pencil along your top lash line and smudge it. Then wiggle a volumising mascara brush against the roots and pull it through. Finally, swish your wand, windshield-wiper style, across your corner lashes to beef them up.


Earlier considered of bad taste or technique, spider lashes are now desirable. After curling, coat top and bottom lashes with a volumising formula then curl again and add another three coats of the mascara. Revisit the lash ends with a ball-shaped brush.


Two coats of lengthening mascara fix a stubby fringe. First, squeeze the wand in a paper towel to wipe o  extra liquid. Apply one coat, let it dry completely and swipe on another. Shimmy the brush into your lash line and swiftly pull it through. Remove clumps by brushing through with a clean wand while the mascara is still wet.


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