Newly Weds guide to renovate your home

Your partner lived in a cluttered bachelor pad before you got married. You have a monumental task to convert it into a liveable cosy home for them. Bare walls are still easy to furnish, but if your hubby had sports icons stuck to his walls, then you are faced with an intimidating task of making him get rid of his ‘collection’. You may not want to be over ambitious and want a Beverly Hill condo look, but an aesthetically done apartment would definitely be first on your list.

Home Décor doesn’t necessarily cost an arm or leg. Honey-moon returners who want to convert their haven into a romantic nest can do so with a minimal of money and a dint of imagination. All you need to remember is that this dream home will be a joint effort, which will bring you both closer. Patience with each other is paramount in this phase as you are bound to have one too many disagreements on the color shades or furnishings which may lead you to discarding some beautiful pieces of home decor.

The living area is usually the heart and soul of the house. You host your guests in that space, you often sit down to breakfast there or simply lounge around with family on weekends. And so, the choice of furniture among other items of decor such as paintings, lamps, and vases, becomes vital in deciding the personality of the house. Personally I would suggest you go for contemporary straight line furniture as it makes the room look serene. Wicker furniture is another great idea and is quite popular in the West too for their chic designs and affordability. You can get them designed and coloured to your liking and toss bright cushions on them. Espresso brown, wine red and white are the classic shades in wicker. You can spruce it up with contrasting colour cushions keeping the contours of the couches soft giving a cosy live-in feel to the living area.

The world is going minimalistic in a big way over home decor. In keeping with the trend, a couple should go for a dining table comprising two chairs to make it romantic or maybe opt for a four chair, round centre glass for your dining area. For a rustic look, you can do up the walls facing the dining table with brick tiles, and hang a few lanterns or a beautiful coloured glass lamp. Lighting plays a very important role in your dining area. Lighting gone wrong can mar the effect of a tastefully done up interior. You can go for dimmers, mood lighting or indirect cove lighting. A pretty cutwork tablecloth or a table runner for an elegant look will add elegance. You can enhance the look by a glass bowl of rose petals and candles in the centre of the dining table.

Lobby area which is used only as an access path to adjoining rooms can be turned into a chic look with additions of low coffee table and low stools. Stack some books, a scrabble and some stationary to complete the look. More creative ones can get logs of wood converted into coffee table and stools with help from a carpenter. If you have more room, why not spread out a rug and throw in some over-the-top colorful cushions. Pottery lovers can scatter terracotta vases that come in interesting shapes, or different sizes of aquamarine pottery clustered together in a corner to lend your home a Mediterranean feel.

As women we are very possessive of our Bedrooms.  You can personalize it. You can add pinks and fuchsias on the walls, or maybe go for a nice wallpaper. You can create a collage of the photographs of your wedding, honeymoon together and hang it on an empty wall in the bedroom.  Television is a must in this room, and never the living room like many do. Make sure the bed is placed against the dead wall, and not near the window. Bed can be the multi-purpose one with a pull-out breakfast consoles, side tables with reading lamps.

Your dressing table can be lightweight with spacious drawers to stock cosmetics. Use wooden blinds, bamboo chicks for an aesthetic look; you can go with sheer curtains. The latest doing the rounds in home interiors is a walk-in wardrobe that every newly married girl dreams of owning.

As for Kitchen, I have one word for you; Modular Kitchens. Place your crocketry in tall cabinets lit up with illuminated lights or shelves. Use wall hung cabinets for crockery pieces, corkboard to hang pots, pans.

Other Essential accessorising tips we suggest are :

  • Put up paintings that have a lot of colours, avoid dark, brooding ones.
  • Dedicate a shelf in the living room to antique picture frames. It makes for a wonderful reference point.
  • Place aroma candles on the sideboards/dressers of your bedroom to create a romantic ambience. You can go for pleasant scents such as lavender, pumpkin pie, jasmine, vanilla and rose to name a few.
  • Paint the living area walls in shades of cappuccino, mustard or olive green, while keeping one wall as a dark wall
  • Create benches under the window that are actually storage, and avoid cluttering up floor space


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