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Three years ago, in the depths of the recession my friend was laid off from her job as a recruitment consultant. Market was tough, jobs rare and recruitment industry was badly hit. She had no job, monthly home loan payment and just husband’s job to carry them through!

What she did? She spent few weeks resting. Then she renewed her job search. She started exploring options. Got involved in volunteering; tried writing; took up freelancing. Slowly and surely she realized what she needed to do. Something she would enjoy. She started her own HR consulting firm one and half years back.

Post my sabbatical when I had my first child, I started looking again. I polished my resume and put it on job sites. I spent hours looking through available jobs and applying to anything that seemed remotely promising. I got on to the ‘professional networking site’ called ‘LinkedIn’. I went through my connections, wondering who to ask for help. I made a list of companies I could apply. I went to their websites and uploaded my resume.

When whatever few options I had petered out, I decided to make a list of probable companies in my Delhi/NCR area. I visited a website which offered to ‘touch up’ my cv to stand out among the rest. Alphabetically the top list had advertising companies, which was never my first option. I was losing hope now. I applied, without much hope. I was called for an interview the coming week for applying.

I knew I had the job when the hiring manager spent more time selling me the job than he did asking me hard questions. I was nervous, but it turned out to be a walk in park.

I still had doubts, based mostly on my insecurity from long hours; less money and money. So I made a deal with myself. I will give myself time of two months. If I don’t like my job, I will quit.

Its been two years now, and I am satisfied and happy with my job. Here are few tips which can help you in your job search-

Perseverance is always important. In today’s age, with innumerable talent in the market you need to have patience to keep looking for job.

One needs to keep an open mind.

Decide what’s important for you. Are you willing to compromise on money if it gets you a job you love?

Use all options. Attend local industry events. Use your contacts. Linkedin? Talk to people of your job hunt. Take freelancing assignments. It’s the best way to stay on the top, may help you get a food in the door in any job opens up in that company.

Always focus on your positives. Evaluate your strengths. Go to any interview convinced that you the right person for the job. Look for more articles on job and you career.


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