Ageing Cream Myths

Every woman desires for a perfect skin. If you are looking for a perfect anti- ageing cream I would suggest there is no such thing.

There are a lot of myths about anti-ageing cream fuelled mostly by the companies suggesting miracles. We as women start believing that the small expensive jar of cream if full of miracles. I am here to clear your myths. Let’s talks of facts here- 

Fact no. 1- Not all expensive anti- ageing creams are effective. Many times you have the inexpensive and un-branded products more effective. All you need to do is go for products which are sensible enough, and not just based on pricing. We are not saying that all expensive products are bad, all we are suggesting is that there are other affordable options available in the market too which are equally good.

Fact no. 2- It’s a wishful thinking that one cream will do the magic. You cannot have one cream with all ingredients taking care of your wrinkles, acne etc. Your skin needs different ingredients and treatment for a particular time of the day, based on the season changes. A toner is necessary so is the night cream. During the day you need a SPF based cream for protection against sun-UV rays. So our suggestion is not to expect one cream to do everything for you.

Fact no. 3- Wrinkles just vanish! Wish it was true but ageing process is real, and inevitably creeps into your life. You need a mixture of lifestyle and healthy foods to keep your skin hydrated and supple. Relying on a cream won’t work. There are some base creams which are effective to a certain degree, especially in cases of pigmentation, or radiance etc. We suggest you buy creams that will help you in specific areas which you want to work on. Also stay active, exercise, and smile.

Fact no. 4- Buy products according to your age, and lifestyle, based on your skin care needs. Don’t go for products suggested by your daughter. Her skin needs are different.



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