Your wedding lehenga- what color should you go for?

Indian Weddings are full of colors right from the roka ceremony to engagement and finally of the bidai. For a bride choosing the right colors for each of her occasions is very important. With the celebration of colors all around you for those special days, your wedding lahenga is always special. We bring you some essential tips.

Here are few tips to choose the right color of your lahenga

For a fair bride, yellow toned ivory lahenga will look best, as the color will reflect on the face and add additional glow on the bride. Traditional bright purple wedding dresses are out now, and make you look old and dated in your wedding photographs.

If your skin is tanned or medium toned then please opt for creamier undertones like ivory as the wedding lahenga. Pale skinned girls should choose pastels undertones. For most of the girls with pale yellow (brown) skin can go for pink or champagne shades. Dark skin tones have maximum number of choices as all shades will complement their skin. 

In this season the bright colors are in, and we have a wide array of colors available with us. Contrast colors like cream and purple, beige and green, beige with red can be matched.

I have personally seen that different shades in red along with silver or golden are most common color seen in bridal wear. The dupatta is heavy with sequins and beads of gold of silver. The choli is designer, embellished and fit for a queen.

To accessorize brides wear heavy jewellery and of course the matching heels. The colors are very important here too to complete the look.

Bridal makeup is extremely important for the radiant look. Dull make up can spoil the look whatever color you wear or overdone make up can get highlighted in the wedding album giving a caked up look.

Our suggestion is to go for the colors you are comfortable with. 

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