Designer Choli - A new fashion trend

Buying a ‘Choli’ has become as equal as buying art nowadays, especially for fashion conscious brides. If you are lucky you will get that perfect choli to match your saree.  In fact what choli you wear will reflect on the entire appeal of your lehenga or saree that you wear for your engagement or wedding. You may have to shell out some extra bucks for a perfect silhouette, but am sure the result is worth it.

Various designs are available in the market including blouses with low backs, halter necks, sleeveless styles and those with slim backs. The corset cholis can be customised to fit the wearer with beads if needed. Many Cholis are crafted in such a way that the cut, color and fit makes the bride feels beautiful and radiant.

Comfort is very important if you are going for a trendy choli. The sequined cholis can cause a rash if not sewn properly. Go for a proper designer who can tailor you the perfect choli. Fashionistas state that teeming your designer 'choli' with your saree or lahenga will give you the unique designer look which you can flaunt on your various functions. 

Sequined cholis teemed with cocktail sarees are trending now; the girly cholis, made from plain anokhi prints that can be worn with traditional sarees are very much in.

Length of the choli should be of right length for your body and in tune with your height.

It’s important to go for trials before the big day, and check the fitting, fall. If there is puckering or creasing of the fabric, then please get it altered. Bad tailoring can spoil your look completely.

Long sleeve blouse designs are also in these days and the best way to wear long sleeve blouses are by making the sleeve with a semi-transparent or transparent material.
Beautiful lace with intricate patterns should always be sewn into full or three-quarter length sleeve, so that the lovely lace pattern can be fully appreciated.

Heavily designed materials sewn into full sleeve blouse paired with a simple saree is another option the bride can go for.


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