Pixie Cut a range in Hollywood

Pixie hairstyle is trending what with pop singer Beyonce sporting it and sharing her pic on twitter. This August we saw many Hollywood stars ditching long tresses for snazzy short haircuts.

Beyonce shocked her fans when she cut her lustrous locks and posted a picture of her short hair style on instagram.

Actress Anna Hathaway adopted a short pixie look for her movie les miserables…

Emma Watson, the Harry Potter actress cut off her brunette tresses for a shorter crop of hair. Even actress Michele Williams and singer Miley Cyrus went for a boyish look.

Back home Bollywood actresses are not so keen on experiments. They want to play it safe with long curls. Priyanka Chopra still goes for a new hair style in each of her roles but most of the new gen actresses are still keen to play safe.



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