Jewellery Shopping Online

For working women leading a hectic life, there is hardly any time or energy left for shopping. There’s usually no ‘self time’ if you are a full time mother. Even the Parlor trips are rare. In this scenario e-commerce sites are a boon. You can do online shopping of anything you wish, be it clothes, shoes, accessories, even home products.

If you have an office party to attend or an engagement party, don’t be hassled. Just buy online. Even the gold shopping can be done online now. There are various sites that sell jewellery and have competitive prices. You don’t need to go for the hassle of traffic or parking etc, just click away the product of your choice and order. Most of these sites have an option of return policy incase you change your mind.

The statistics reveal that Women in India are turning to shopping online with frenzy. Many jewellery companies like Tanishq and Gili have come up with monthly installment schemes which work like EMI’s or installments.

There is another reason many women are turning to shopping jewellery online and that is ‘Time’. Since shopping for jewellery does not come in impulse purchase category, ladies can take their time to browse the categories, pricings etc and then order.

I personally go for the monthly schemes where a working women can pay installments and get a jewellery item of her choice by the end of the payment. This way i dont end up having a bigger dent in my expenses. We all can keep aside some percent of our salary for this. 


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