Your Son's first Rakhi

It’s your baby’s first Rakhi… a celebration time. The joy of parenthood doubles up when you see older siblings, cousins pampering your baby. How to make your baby’s first Rakhi special? Here’s how…

Though markets are boasting of beautiful colorful rachis, our suggestion is to avoid the beaded ones. There are some musical and cartoon characters ones available for kids nowadays. For baby it is best to buy Rakhis with soft threads or satin ones to avoid causing skin irritation. Avoid artificial colored Rakhi that may cause allergy. For this you can do a small test at home. If the Rakhi bleeds in water you avoid.

Rakhi’s with excessive decorations, beads, stones and plastic flowers battery operated lights may cause injury if your baby starts putting it in his mouth.

Best way to deal with this situation is to make your Rakhi at home.

Choose traditional comfortable clothes for your young one. Cloths with mirror works or sequins can be dangerous again. Remember to wash the new clothes before your baby wears them -- this will ensure they are clean and free of extra starch. 

The tradition of performing aarti on brothers requires a 'ghee ka diya' to be lit. This should be done with extreme care. Ensure an adult holds the 'puja thali' firmly and the child just places her hand on the rim of the thali during the 'Aarti'.

Restrict the intake of sweets on Rakhi. Your baby is still too small to eat sweets made from khoya. Too much of excitement, loud noise can tire your child, don’t let this overwhelm the baby too much.

Gifts play a special role on Rakhi. As your baby is still very small to understand this, you have to buy gifts for all his sisters.


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