Common Sexual Positions to make a Baby

When it comes to getting pregnant, many elders suggest that it’s all in the sexual positions. The truth is timing everything correctly. If a woman is meant to get pregnant at the right time, the she will regardless of any sexual position.

The best positions to make a baby are –

Even though experts may not agree with this but many of us do believe that certain sexual positions do allow for a deeper penetration which leads to a speedy pregnancy. These positions include-

Missionary position- The missionary position is when the woman is lying flat on her back with the man on top. Many experienced people say this is the best position to make a baby due to the degree of penetration the position allows where sperms can be deposited at the cervical opening.

From Behind- Here the woman kneels before the man and the penetration occurs from the behind. This is also said to allow a deeper penetration and deposition of sperms closer to her cervix.

Spooning- This position requires a man and women to spoon together lying side by side with the man behind the woman. Again it’s a case of deeper penetration and for the sperm to reach the cervical opening.

There are some worst positions too which do not allow for baby making. The main reason is ofcourse the gravity which plays against the sperms working towards the cervix.

Any sexual position which is done standing or sitting won’t allow the penis to penetrate deeply. Woman on top is another position which will not allow an easy conception.

Some myths on Sexual Positions The most common myth about sexual positions for baby making is that the couple needs to have sex all the time. The truth is men need a recharge period to build up some healthy sperms. Experts believe that having sex every other day during ovulation period gives men ample time to ejaculate a fresh batch of sperms. Healthy and fresh sperms have a longer life span and increase the chances of conception of a healthy baby.

Another common myth is related to the woman’s orgasm which trying to conceive. Most of the experts and studies suggest that women’s orgasms have no direct connection to her conception.

Few Baby Making tips for all the women are – Many practitioners suggest that women should continue to lie on your back post intercourse for a minimum of 20 minutes for the sperms to have a better chance of swimming upstream. Some experts also advice that the woman should place a pillow under hips and legs raised for the sperms to allow swim upstream. Another reminder is to remember not to douche after sex especially if she is trying to conceive. Douching changes the pH balance of the vagina. It also flushes out the cervical fluids needed for the sperms to travel in the uterus. 


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