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Do you wonder what your baby’s first noticeable movement in the utero is going to feel like?

Most women experience that first kick between 17-22 weeks. The practitioners believe that if the position of the baby is such, the first kick will be felt at the 19-20 weeks gestation.


Here is how some mothers’ describe the miraculous moment-

·         ‘It feels like getting poked from the inside’

·         ‘It’s the best feeling in the world’

·         ‘It’s like someone is trapped in my tummy’

·         ‘A very light bubble, nothing like I had expected’

·         ‘My baby responds to any sharp noise, telling me to keep it down’

·      ‘Wasn’t sure if it was a gas or indigestion, though I felt a nudge kind of reassuring that everything is find in there’


Counting the kicks

Paying attention to fetus movements in utero has been linked to a decrease in stillbirths. That is why many experts, practitioners’ advice the would-be-mothers to monitor or chart their babies kicks in the beginning of their 28the week of pregnancy. Choose the time of the day when your baby is typically the most active- usually it’s in the evening- then time on how long it takes to detect 10 movements, or kicks while you rest comfortably.


If a mother does kick counts every day, writes down the length of time it takes to feel 10 movements, it reduces her risk of stillbirth by 70 percent. On an average, it should take about 12 minutes to count 10 movements. If it takes more than 2 hours to time it then please consult your doctor immediately. 


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