Choosing the right ‘Varmala’

Exchanging garlands is one of the most important rituals of a traditional Indian wedding.
Varmala orjaimala symbolises a new journey for the bride and the groom where both promise to be together in every walk of life. Garland complements the wedding outfits of the couple; thus picking that perfect wedding garland is really essential. But due to a large variety in flowers, picking the right garland can get a little confusing. Here are some excellent tips to find the right varmala for your wedding.
Keep the season in mind
While choosing your garland, always keep the season in mind. Though some flowers are evergreen, yet every flower is not available throughout the season. If you prefer orchids or special roses then you need to plan ahead and order. Ask your vendor or the florist about the flowers that are used to make garlands during that season. Marigold and roses are most common flowers that are available through all seasons. However, you can add exotic flowers to your garland, for instance lily and orchids for your winter wedding or dahlia and iris for a summer affair.

Colours to complement your wedding
Many times flowers are chosen based on the wedding themes. Any particular
You can even discuss your wedding theme with your florist to know which flowers will go best with it. If you are using a particular colour combination or theme for your wedding then the garlands can match that tone. For instance, if you are using red and gold colours for the wedding décor then have a garland with red and orange flowers in it. Or, if you have a beach themed wedding then you can add flowers like orchids and lilies to the varmala. You can go for either one colour or for multicolour flowers. Pick anything from roses and marigolds to more exotic carnations, hydrangeas or tulips.

Match the wedding wear colours
Wedding garlands come in various colours, designs and sizes, so be careful while choosing the colour scheme of your garland. Pick those garlands that will complement the colour of the wedding outfits. Dear brides, you can even take colour inspiration from your outfit. Look at the embroidery, thezari work or any other embellishments of outfit and from there let the florist come up with a colour scheme that matches your attire. If your lehenga or saree is all bling-bling then pick some elegant flowers like white and pink roses or delicate orchids. And if your attire is simple then go for a heavy garland made with roses or jasmines.

Give importance to design
Simple garland designs are best but these days garlands come in various designs, which are simple and creative at the same time. So, if you want to break the monotony then choose some unique design as it will enhance the beauty of your outfit.

Decide according to your community
While deciding, look for garland that represents your community. The size of the garland and quantity of flowers to be used are also important factors when it comes to making a garland. They both may vary from community to community. Like the varmala in South Indian weddings are usually longer and larger as compared to those used for North Indian weddings. So, whether you want a long, thick garland or short and thin one, be sure about the size and the quantity as it can make a huge difference in the overall look.

Know your flowers
Before you take the final call, make sure you are aware about the flowers and the emotions they symbolise. It will help you to decide better. Here are a few flowers that are widely used in wedding garlands and what they represent:
•    Pink rose– happiness
•    Red rose– love
•    Orange rose– passion
•    Orchids– love, magnificence and beauty
•    Marigold– prosperity
•    Arabian Jasmine (mogra) – blessing and piety
•    Lily of the valley - sweetness, humility and happiness
•    White rose - charm and grace



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