Important Safety Tips For Girls

  • Don't publish personal information. You wouldn't give your cell phone number and home address to a stranger on the street, so don't make the information easily accessible to people online. 
  • Use an avatar. Instead of posting a real picture of yourself as a profile picture, replace it with an avatar. This will prevent people from targeting you because of your looks or age.
  • Don't ever accept friend requests from people you don't know. If you have never met the person trying to add you in the flesh, do not accept their request, even if the person looks cute in their profile picture.
  • Don't post proactive or suggestive photos. Even if you change your private settings and personally have met everyone on your social networking site, that doesn't mean that your “friends” won't use the photos for their own personal use—or worse, using them to promote some underground porn site .
  • Never post “real time” activities. Don't jeopardize your safety by publicly announcing to people where you will be and at what time.
  • Change Password frequently. To prevent hackers in general, it's best to change your password every month or so. You don't want to risk someone getting into your account and impersonating you either by posting untrue and embarrassing content or locking you entirely from your account. 
  • Don't respond to threats or rude comments. In the age of cyber bullying it's important that you don't respond to malicious comments. 
  • Whenever travelling in trains or buses or own car, it is important to carry deodorants or pepper spray in bag. In case if a man tries anything unpleasant, spraying the liquid in his eyes will create burning and give you time to escape.
  • If driving own car, always keep the doors locked even if you are only sitting inside and talking on phone. Be aware of your surroundings and avoid secluded areas.
  • If you are alone, do not wait in secluded bus station or area. Go to the nearest restaurant or coffee shop.
  • It is an advantage to know martial arts for self defense. But even if you are not trained and are attacked, always hit the groin as the initial hit. The immense pain will make the guy lose you as a potential target.
  • While jogging early in the morning or evenings, it is advisable to take your dog along. If you are on headphones and music while jogging, the dog can be a source of protection.
  • Avoid late nights alone. Always stay in a group if you are attending late night parties or late meetings. Insist your employer that you cannot stay alone so late, however urgent the meeting.
  • Be informed of your company policy for women. There are provisions made for female employees for any kind of harassment by their co-workers including bosses. Very often a woman finds it embarrassing to report such incidents, but it is imperative to speak up before situation turns uglier.
  • Always carry a cell phone when traveling or going for any outings. Keep your family or friends informed about your whereabouts, so that they know where to find you in case of emergency. In critical situations, call for help immediately.
  • Note down and store all the helpline numbers for police protection, railway helpline, airlines helpline and domestic violence hot line.



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