First thing that women see and look in men

Sigh! Apparently there’s something the matter in her eyes, when it starts with your stranger to strange journey in woman's life. Many factors, which men carry and think they might impress women, can lead to make narrow mistake and their image can be put down in any woman’s eyes. The greatest quote best defines “It’s hard to understand women”, half inside, half outside. And most men find themselves standing on the road alone thinking it’s really impossible for men to win this gender bender. Although men seem tough in this race, but what they scrutinize about the women they want in their life is superficial and beyond this woman in their first meeting mark ahead of finances and appearances, it’s a complete unfathomable test of any men. Scroll down and try to find and prepare for the first meeting with the lady of your life.


First thing women see in men is the way men greet with her and with others. They also look men’s attire, including shoes, and body texture. So try to be gentle from inside not only outside. Confirm you appearance that it should not be out of date.


From the first word you split out women start judging you, from your hi, hello to bye buddy, they judge your category from simple to modern outlook and decide what they prefer in their men.


Women read your level of confidence and the way you react to them. Most women doesn’t like over confident men. Women mostly observe how you are feeling in their company. A woman doesn’t like men who have lots of laughing habit they like man’s smile and turned on fast, whether it is mischievous or warm welcome smile, they just love it. Your attire means a lot of women; they turned on fast when men are well dressed and up to date. Fragrances mostly turn on women, so make a habit of putting on body odour to smell good and let both of you soothe your moods.


Precise build up and broad shoulders in men make women feel more secure, so if you are the one to meet the lady prepare for a nice build up without over sneaking belly. Groomed men are the persona they look for, so try to properly brush up your body. Fittest body, a good muscled man with a powerful voice mostly attract women. Women see in men first, is their attitude, a successful men or one who can work hard to let their future shine. A men personality trait counts a lot for women beside money, gadgets and a high lifestyle. They look for smart creatures with which they can get lots of compliments from every front of life.

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