Safety Is Most Important For Girls

Useful Safety Tips for Girls & Self Protection

Here are some useful guides to keep yourself safe and unharmed from unwanted encounters.

How often did each girl wonder about keeping herself safe from a male’s filthy attention? Everyday that she commutes to work or attends household chores, there is constant danger of unpleasant encounters. Today women are equally sharing a family’s responsibility as well as prospering in respective career paths as their male counterparts. In such scenario, exposure to outside world has widened with frequent interaction with the opposite sex. Consequently every female, be it a working woman or a college goer or a housewife, faces a challenge to keep herself safe and unharmed. Incidents of sexual harassment or molestation or eve teasing, are more common in cities than smaller towns or villages. Nevertheless safety is primary for every female. Here are some safety tips which can help every female to save herself from any unforeseen danger.


Whenever travelling in trains or buses or own car, it is important to carry deodorants or pepper spray in bag. In case if a man tries anything unpleasant, spraying the liquid in his eyes will create burning and give you time to escape.

If driving own car, always keep the doors locked even if you are only sitting inside and talking on phone. Be aware of your surroundings and avoid secluded areas.

If you are alone, do not wait in secluded bus station or area. Go to the nearest restaurant or coffee shop.

It is an advantage to know martial arts for self defense. But even if you are not trained and are attacked, always hit the groin as the initial hit. The immense pain will make the guy lose you as a potential target.

While jogging early in the morning or evenings, it is advisable to take your dog along. If you are on headphones and music while jogging, the dog can be a source of protection.

Avoid late nights alone. Always stay in a group if you are attending late night parties or late meetings.  Insist your employer that you cannot stay alone so late, however urgent the meeting.

Be informed of your company policy for women. There are provisions made for female employees for any kind of harassment by their co-workers including bosses. Very often a woman finds it embarrassing to report such incidents, but it is imperative to speak up before situation turns uglier.

A survey showed that maximum cases of rape and sexual harassment start within a family rather than from strangers. It has become increasingly important to be cautious. Do not levy your trust easily and be firm and tactful in handling situations.


Always carry a cell phone when travelling or going for any outings. Keep your family or friends informed about your whereabouts, so that they know where to find you in case of emergency. In critical situations, call for help immediately.

Note down and store all the helpline numbers for police protection, railway helpline, airlines helpline and domestic violence hotline.

If you are a victim of domestic violence, first you need to understand and accept that the abuse is not your fault and you need to fight it. If you do not stop it now, it will get worse with time. Start by sharing it with your family or any friend you can trust, so that they can help you get out of it. There are several associations and government centers to help victims of domestic violence


Even though it cannot be foreseen why any guy targets you as a potential victim, some measures can still be opted to avoid the attention. Primarily a female’s attire and personality can be the eye catchers. Dress according to the occasion and place. If you are travelling, wear loose and comfortable clothes to stay away from unwanted attention. Avoid provocative attire like plunging necklines, tang tops, mini skirts and hot pants. You can save these clothes for exclusive occasions like high end parties or girls’ outings or a romantic date.  Wherever you are, especially in the midst of several male colleagues or male commuters, carry yourself with confidence and dignity. Remember your body language speaks volumes to the on looker, and you do not want to invite any wrong signals.


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