Cooking with your Teens

If you're looking for an activity that promises lots of fun without costing a lot of money, do a craft or make something delicious in the kitchen. No matter how old your daughter is, it's always fun to create something as a team.

Cook with your Teenage Daughter- Involve her in activities that you both love together. 

Teach your daughter to make her favorite dishes and if she doesn't have any, help her find some. Try baked macaroni tomato and cheese casserole old Fashioned chiken noodel soup or chiken schnitzel. For snacks, movie-style treats are always a hit. Plus, get more ideas in our Food Section

You can even help your daughter create a recipe book. Years later, she can take her own recipe book with her when she moves to her own place.

If your daughter's room still reflects her childhood days, work with her to redesign it. When Kristen Joyce's daughter turned 11, the California mom helped Lily create a more mature bedroom that would take her into her teenage years. The pair created a pattern of lavender, blue and turquoise striping with gold accenting on the walls, and restored a chair using the same color scheme. They replaced the seat cushion with material from a favorite childhood sweater. It was lots of fun – they even picked out new bed linens and framed a few pieces of childhood art.

Teenage girls often want to spend more time with their friends than with their mother. Nearly every girl gets to an age when hanging out with mom is just not cool anymore. Try mother-daughter cooking activities that will impress her friends and be fun for you both.. Get your daughter to invite a couple of friends over for lunch. Work out a menu with her, and let her choose things for you to make together that she knows her friends will enjoy. Make cupcakes together, and decorate them with people's names. If there's a birthday approaching, teach her to make truffles or fudge.

Take a cooking class together. Cooking is an important life skill, and everyone can benefit from a cooking class. This will provide your daughter with an important lesson in cooking, as well as giving you and her special bonding time.




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