Mother & Daughter Relation

Strengthening the Mother-Daughter Bond

  • For many little girls, Mother’s Day was a time to pick flowers, make a handmade card, and hand-deliver them with hugs and kisses. But as these girls mature into independent women, sweet, unconditional feelings of love can change, possibly leading to bittersweet relationships between a mother and a daughter.
  • Past literature shows that the mother-daughter relationship is considered the most significant of all intergenerational relationships.
  • Estrangement between a mother and a daughter is a combination of individual, familial, and societal factors,”And the reasons why mothers and daughters become estranged can be varied and complex.”
  • For example, the mother’s generation may have included social aspects such as: economic depression, nuclear families, early marriage, and basic education. However, as society changes and evolves, the daughter may grow up in a completely different culture in a robust economy, varied family structures, delayed marriage, immediate focus on a career, and higher education.
  • “Even though these ethnic groups varied somewhat in terms of relationships, all of the women in the study wished for the same level of connectedness with their mothers, “Almost all of the women reported that they wanted respect and trust in their relationship with their mothers.”
  • Resolution of these struggles requires the efforts of both mothers and daughters, “Daughters always need their mothers to be parents. They need their mothers to take some of the steps in mending the relationship."
  • "Mothers, on the other hand, need great understanding and forgiveness from their daughters given the inequities in some of society’s expectations.”
  • Both mothers and daughters could use Mother’s Day as an opportunity to embark on a journey toward a more fulfilling relationship, realizing that as they navigate toward this goal, they may veer off course.
  • As complex as mother-daughter relationships can be, working on existing problems is not out of reach. Below are more tips that mothers and daughters can use to start the healing process and improve their relationship this Mother’s Day.

Tips For improving Relationship

Some mothers and daughter fight a lot, others not at all. However, if your have a strained mother-daughter relationship and want to improve it, there are some things you can do.

Try the following:

  • For example, she sees her daughter as someone who she can help avoid certain mistakes, and who can do what she never was able to do. For example, if she never went to college because she married right out of high school she may force her daughter that direction without ever thinking about what the daughter wants.
  • So, how can you improve the situation if this is the problem? Well, you can try to separate your own feelings from that of your child for one.
  • The same things you wanted to do at her age, or have the same interests you had. You may be worried about her making mistakes, or having problems in life, but guess what? You are right, she will, but she will also learn from those mistakes just as you did.
  • If you want to have an improved mother-daughter relationship you need to let your daughter grow and live and learn at her own pace, in her own style.
  • No one likes to be forced to do something they do not want to, and it gets worse when it is a parent forcing them. So, instead be supportive of their goals, encourage improvement, and love them irregardless.
  • If, as a parent, you want an improved relationship, you need to learn to appreciate your daughter for what she is, and don't try to make her into what you could have been.
  • Let her follow her own path so she does not have the same regrets you have, or have any reason to hate you.
  • There are certain things that you have to do to form the bonds that lead to good relationships. Like, do not take your daughter or mother for granted. Do not assume they know you love them, tell them.
  • Find something you enjoy doing together and make a tradition or habit of it,These traditions and habits create positive memories that form stronger bonds.


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