Do you trust your daughter to Date??

“When is your daughter old enough to date?” Fathers will be quick to retort ‘At 30’. Short of putting your daughter under house arrest fathers are strongly against their daughters dating anyone. Cos they insist that most of the boys date only for one purpose- i.e. sex

When Anita Desai’s 16-year-old daughter Sonali asked if her boyfriend of three months can come with them for family picnic, she dint know how to react. She was a mixture of shock, and surprise. But for sure she had not seen this coming!

India as a country is not so open minded. In our society boy girl friendship is frowned upon. Though Anita was aware that her daughter is growing up and respected her daughter enough to give her privacy with her boyfriend she understood hormones and teenagers. Anita talked over with her husband and decided to talk with her daughter. She also decided to meet the boy.

There is nothing wrong in questioning your daughter’s date as long as you do it with dignity as a parent.


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