Parenting advice – on Teenage Love and Dating

No matter what age your son or daughter starts dating it is always a tough experience as a parent. Our babies have grown up, and don’t need us as much. Kids especially teenagers need the freedom to go out and be who they are and yes, this includes dating. No matter what the age of your teen is there is sure to be a tip here that can help you both out. Below are some simple tips to keep your teen safe.

First - Always know where your child is going, with who, how long they will be gone and what time exactly they will be back. You can be casual when you ask this, but these are some important points you should know about your teen.

Second- Be honest and talk to your teen about dating and sex. The best way to communicate with your teen and know they will actually hear you is to have an open dialog with them.

Third-Talk with your teen about rules. Before the datehappens make sure that they understand the rules and the curfew timings.Be firm.

Fourth- Be very clear of the consequences for breaking the rules or the curfew to your teenager.

Fifth- Unless your teen is an older teen, never ever let them go out on a date alone. Be sure that they are going out as a group.

Sixth – Make sure you know the exact location your teen is going for date. As a precaution take down the mobile number of your teens date.

Seventh - Set up a code word or phrase between you and your child so that if she is in any trouble and they cannot tell you , you will know by them simply using the code word.

Eight – Have your daughter save your and your husband’s nos as speed dial in case of emergencies.

Ninth- Educate your teen about date rape drugs and to never leave their drink unattended (by drink I mean soda or what have you)

Tenth- Consider having a "no questions asked" phone call available to your teen if they are older.

For instance, if they got drunk or into a position they knew they could not handle they could call you to come and get them with no questions asked. Believe it or not if you follow it and do not ask questions this will establish trust between you and your teen.

Having open communication with your teen is the only sure way to help your teen stay safe in dating. We encourage everyone to start as early on as possible in establishing the trust and open the lines of communication with your child.


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