Planning Pregnancy? Here are few tips to prepare you for this journey.

Pregnancy is a big event in a woman's life. And it's normal to have many questions about it. Some people have basic questions about how pregnancy happens. Some may have questions about avoiding a pregnancy. Others are considering pregnancy and have questions about pre-pregnancy health, or infertility. And some may wonder about options for an unintended pregnancy.

A generation ago, your doctor would have thought you were crazy if you called to set up an appointment to talk about your conception plans. Today, it's fast becoming a norm for couples to book a preconception health check-up.

You may have to do a little arm-twisting to get your partner to accompany you to your appointment -- a lot of guys feel that their role in Conception is limited to giving sperms -- but, whether he's prepared to admit it or not, your partner also needs to do a little preconception health planning of his own.

Testing one, two, three

I know, I know... lying spread-eagled on an examination table isn't my idea of a good time either, but the experts are pretty much unanimous on this point: the ideal time to schedule a pap test is before you start trying to conceive. That way, should anything abnormal show up, you and your doctor will be able to deal with the problem prior to rather than during your pregnancy.

All systems go

You wouldn't even dream of heading off on a cross-country expedition without checking to ensure that your car's equipment was in good working order. Well, you're about to embark on the ultimate of journeys -- the journey to motherhood -- so it's even more important to make sure that your body is firing on all cylinders.


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