How to get your child to do chores

There are different styles of parenting and some things just have to be applied no matter what your style. Psychologists claim that: “A child has to learn to take some responsibility”.

Children learn by example. Younger kids certainly want to do what mommy and daddies do, so let them see you doing cleaning, doing laundry and cooking. Always encourage them to participate in whatever way they can safely.  A pre-schooler, for example, can help you make a salad by ripping up the lettuce.

You can even make some of the work seem like fun. Have your child help put away the groceries after shopping together. Ask her to find apples. “What colors are they? Do you know how to spell Apple?” Or help sort laundry together. Ask her: “What color is this sock? Can you find the other one?” Make cleaning up fun by asking, “How fast do you think you can put away those dolls?”

Chore charts are a great way for kids to keep track of their achievements. Little ones will love picking out stickers for their charts.

Below is an age-appropriate list of chores:

  • Ages 2-3:

Help make the bed
Carry dirty clothes to the laundry basket
Help clean up toys
Dust with socks on hands
Help wipe up messes
Help feed pets

  • Ages 4-5:  In addition to all of the chores above:

Help set and clear the table
Help put away groceries

  • Ages 6-8:    In addition to all of the chores above:

Help take out the garbage
Help fold and put away laundry

  • Ages 9-12:

Operate the washer and dryer
Help wash the car

Learn to wash dishes or load the dishwasher
Learn to use the vacuum cleaner
Help with yard work



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