10 Tips to avoid Conflict with your Boss

Conflicts between employers and employees represent a source of stress in everyone's life. Many times, these conflicts are generated by problems such as money, each one's activity, the balance between professional life and personal life.

Another source of conflict is represented by women's desire to get more involved in the professional activities and in the process of taking any decisions which affect them. The person who administrates conflicts must be always available and must have the capacity to listen and to transmit information to the employees. If there is no communication between employers and employees there won't be any confidence to give them important tasks.


A good employer is a person who knows to maintain a relaxed atmosphere in the working environment, who has a big tolerance towards mistakes and permits exposing opinions.

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Here are 10 tips which will help you avoid conflicts with your Boss- 

  1. You don't always own the truth.
    Try to appreciate more experienced people opinions. Remember that you can't be engaged in a permanent conflict concerning the person who owns the truth: you or your Boss.
  2. Don't exaggerate.
    If problems have a solution, then don't worry. If not, accept his fact. If you have time, try to find a solution before going to your Boss. He wishes efficient employees who manage their own tasks. Bring innovative ideas.
  3. Don't be the one who judges other colleagues of work.
    If you judge them permanently, they will do the same thing with you.
  4. Think before speaking.
    Don't open your mouth before realizing what you will say. If you speak with calm your Boss will appreciate you and won 't have any reasons to treat you bad.
  5. We all have bad days, even your Boss.
    Try to understand him and mind your own business without disturbing him too much.
  6. Thank your Boss for the support and advice he gave you in the successful project you managed although deep inside you know that you deserve all the praises. It 's a useful tip to make your Boss proud of you.
  7. Don 't feel offended because of a joke or a word said in an unpleasant moment.
    Your boss is not your friend or your father, he is just your Boss. His task is to do his job as well as possible.
  8. Don 't ever gossip about your Boss with any of your colleagues.
    If you want to do this, do it with your friend or someone who has nothing to do with the company. If you do it at work, you can be in trouble. We have a opportunistic society. Why give them a chance. 
  9. Don 't be intimated with your Boss- talk to him with a lot of respect and common sense. It's the best way to show him how you want to be treated at work.
  10. If you want to avoid any problems, don 't get romantically involved with your Boss. It 's a recipe for disaster. Office romances are confusing and can be deterrant for your career and mental peace. 

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