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Home is the first school and mother is the first teacher. So listen to her when she tells you to study or sleep. Understand your body clock. Too much of pressure on yourself and your body and your health will suffer. We are all too aware what Board results mean to your career. But its not a life and death situation. So relax. Take a breath. And strategise your time. Here are few tips on how to manage your time and schedule.

  • Prepare a time-table and make sure that all the subjects of your Course are given due allotments of time within that. You fix up how many chapters you should finish daily and within a week and make sure you can complete those comfortably.
  • Study one difficult and one easy chapter alternatively- Just prepare to complete one easy and one difficult chapter alternatively on regular basis.Take English as a subject, you usually like to read the prose but avoid Poetry and Grammar because those appear relatively more difficult for your understanding. Preparing through this way can make you lose marks in the examination.
  • Note the important points of a particular chapter- One chapter in a subject may be very long for you to remember . Your memory may not be capable of that. So it is important to note down all the important points which have be written following a very good structure in the examination. The easy way to remember the points is to make those points small and not just mug those up instead first understand the contents of the points thoroughly and then memorize them one by one.
  • Suppose the first point is –“Management is only decision making”. First understand the implication of the point then you can remember the first point as MIODM- just by taking the first letter of the five words of the point.
  • Read and understand the difficult chapters repeatedly- Usually those chapters which are full of technical jargons are difficult to understand and remember. So you must make repeated attempts at remembering them. Explain those to your teachers and peers as per the way you have understood the contents. Make sure from them that you have followed it with logic and clarity and in the right structure.
  • Take help of diagram, map, table and chart to remember the information correctly- Suppose Commercial Geography is a subject in your junior college of Commerce. You can use Atlas while you try to understand and memorize the Business information across various parts of globe. For instance Free Trade is a chapter in Commercial Geography. If you follow an Atlas while going through the situations and positions of the nations in their roles of allowing Free Trade in their economy, then it would be quite easy to remember the contents easily.
  • Give yourself a break after forty five to one hour of study- If you study for hours without a break it may not be fruitful for you because human mind is not a machine and it needs rest at intervals. So take a break for ten to fifteen minutes after studying for forty five minutes to one hour. Just move a bit and relax. Keep your mind free from tension and worry.
  • Read the difficult chapters when mind is fresh- Wake up early in the morning and read the difficult chapters because mind remains fresh in the morning and during early morning hours human memory works fine. You can easily understand and remember the difficult parts of the subject.
  • Note down the time you have allotted to each subject and try to stick to it- You should keep a record of the time that you have given to each subject during the day. This will enhance your speed in reading and keeping tabs on revising the chapters of each subject.
  • Appear at tests by the private tutors - If you are attending any private coaching class, it is your duty to appear at regular tests for various subjects. Then go through the parts of the answers, in which you are not performing satisfactorily. You need to consult with experts and various other sources like reference books and internet for your improvement in that particular part of the subject.
  • Following simulated-tests or mock-exams can be very fruitful

Mock examination or simulated tests are very helpful in improving the standard of writing. Usually coaching centers collect the last questions of the board or university examinations and arrange the exam in the same way it is done by the board or University. If you appear at the mock tests repeatedly, you need not worry about your performance in the crucial time before exams at all.


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