Chronic Diseases and its Natural Cures

Chronic Diseases and its Natural Cures 
Nowadays, many people suffer from chronic diseases, e.g. diabetes, heart diseases, psoriasis, asthma and more chronic diseases. According to experts, many chronic diseases can be cured naturally.

Out of Touch with Nature

We do a lot of things which are against nature which makes us a product of what we eat, drink and do. Most of the foods and drinks we consume are processed, and contain chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics and hormones. Furthermore, most of the beverages we consume contain high levels of sugar. This lifestyle of eating processed, denatured food, with no regular exercise makes us develop what we call ‘lifestyle diseases’.
‘Denatured Foods’ fills up our intestines, colons, liver, gallbladder and kidneys with congested with toxic matters and environmental pollutants, which in turn causes chronic diseases

The Main Cause

The main cause of chronic diseases is toxins, acidity and lack of oxygen and nutrients. They cause our immune system and self-healing mechanism to break down and make us prone to chronic diseases. Medication, surgery and many types of therapies only suppresses the diseases temporarily but leave a lot of side effects. Chronic diseases can be treated using natural methods without leaving any harmful side effects.  

Natural Treatments

Even cancer is caused due to toxins, acidity, anaerobic conditions and lack of nutrients in the cell. The following steps can be used to treat cancer and other chronic diseases.

a) Detoxification- The first thing chronic patients need to do is to cleanse or detox the body. The colon, liver and gallbladder once free of toxins can help you regain immunity and kick-start the self-healing mechanism again.

b) Alkalinity
Secondly, many types of herbs can also help to build up the immunity against chronic diseases. Nature has provided us with thousands of herbs to treat all types of chronic diseases. We only have to identify the right type of herbs, amount and time to consume them.

c) Oxygen
our cells and organs are living organisms. They need oxygen to survive. Cancer cells cannot survive in aerobic conditions. To increase your oxygen intake you should performing deep breathing exercises.

d) Nutrients
lastly, patients should eat plenty of fresh fruits, raw vegetable juices to provide nutrients to the body. This is to give energy for the immune system and self-healing mechanism to heal the body.



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