How to make the best impression in an Interview

The dictionary meaning of the word interview is a conversation between two or more people where the questions are asked by the interviewer and the statements or factual answers are given by the interviewee. Now that your child has finished his or her graduation and is ready to test the waters of the corporate world, we recommend you give them your full support and guidance. You can share your experiences based on your first interview. 

As a Parent you have stand by your child as he steps into adulthood. First job is a stepping stone for future success and progress. Nowadays its all about selling. How your child positions himself and sells his skills to the hiring manager. 

Here are few suggestions based on my experiece as a recruitment consultant, and hiring manager-  

Fine-tune your resume 

  • Encourage your son or daughter to clearly list out their career objective. Every detail they list on their resume should somehow speak to that objective, from education to computer skills to career history.
  • They should list their education as the last item on the resume. Education is less important to prospective employers than relevant experience.
  • Have your son or daughter carefully proofread their resume. A poorly written resume gives a bad impression - that's the bottom line.
  • Make sure your young adult prints their resume on resume-quality, plain paper. No graphics or leopard print paper!
  • Have them take a folder full of their finalized resumes to pass out at in-person networking events.

Rehearse infront of the mirror, learn how to 'Sell' yourself

  • Have your young adult capture what they want to achieve in their career and what their skills are in a 1 minute synopsis. They should be able to relay this message quickly and comfortably to anyone who asks at a moment's notice.
  • Let your son or daughter practice their ‘canned' speech on you until it rolls off their tongue without giving it a second thought.

Interpersonal Skills are very important in professional arena. Brush up on your softer skills

  1. Encourage your son or daughter to work on his or her professional persona. Making a good first impression is critical in landing a job they love, so make sure they work on:
    • Offering a firm, professional handshake
    • Looking people in the eye during conversations
    • Speaking up with confidence
    • Smiling
    • Dressing appropriately
  2. Support your adult child in networking so that they get their name out there, in the circles that will most likely land them a job they love.


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