Unplanned Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a happy event, if it is a planned one. Pregnancy brings joy and lots of responsibility. But when a couple is not prepared to handle the responsibility, it is better to avoid pregnancy. There are various ways to avoid pregnancy. Best available options are the contraceptives.

Once you engage in sexual intercourse, the possibility of pregnancy remains. It makes sense to opt for the most effective and safe alternative to avoid pregnancy.

Here are few options that will help you avoid unplanned pregnancy.

Avoid sex in those critical days
This is the most effective way to avoid an unplanned pregnancy. If you choose not to have sex, there is no way that you can get pregnant. Abstinence is by far the safest and most effective mode of birth control. Doctors also suggest some ‘safe’ days when one can have sex without getting pregnant.  
Alternatively one can resort to a wide variety of contraceptive options, but the possibility of a pregnancy remains. The Contraceptive method is by far the most effective method.

Use of Condom
This form of contraceptive follows a barrier method where the male wears a condom on his penis before vaginal penetration. This is the safest method as it also effectively prevents the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases too. According to studies Condoms offer about 90% protection against unwanted pregnancies. Being easily accessible, effective and inexpensive, it is advisable to use a condom before every intercourse. It is necessary to change it every time as there is a possibility of wear and tear in the latex condoms and even a minute breakage can cause the semen to pass through into the vagina and result in pregnancy. Condoms with spermicides are even more effective as the spermicide kills the sperms that may have accidentally spilled into the vagina, thereby preventing the possibility of pregnancy.

Female Sponge
Women can avoid pregnancy by using the sponge as it is a safe birth control measure and unlike other options (for women), it is hormone free. It is convenient to use and very effective as well. The only problem is that it is yet not widely available, at least in the local drug stores. The sponge, which is inserted inside the vagina also protects against sexually transmitted diseases.

Female Contraceptive Devices
A diaphragm which is a tiny flexible rubber disc is a female contraceptive device easily available in most of the medical stores. The diaphragm needs to be inserted into the cervix through the vagina of the woman under a clinical setting. The diaphragm is customised in terms of size and it covers the cervix thereby creating a barrier for the semen. It also carries spermicide and needs to stay in the woman for at least 6 hours following an intercourse.

IUD or intrauterine device is another option. It is a contraceptive implant which is inserted inside the uterus and can be effective for 5-10 years. It is very effective in preventing an unplanned pregnancy, although there may be few side effects like abnormal menstrual bleeding and cramps.

Birth Control Pill
Birth control pill is the most popular contraceptive used by women all over the world. It works on the hormones that trigger ovulation and prevents it, thereby preventing pregnancy. Pills are highly effective and it is advisable to take them under medical prescription. Since the pill and other similar contraceptive methods that work with female hormones, there is a possibility of associated side-effects like usual weigh gain, nausea and depression.


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