Five Easy Ways to live longer and Happier

Happiness and Long Life are the two things on priority list for all of us. The great news is that if you read stories of people who have lived to be 100, all of them have lived happy and fulfilled lives. They may not have had all the luxuries of the world, but they have been happy with what they had, and lived longer.

Read on and I’ll share the top 5 ways of living longer and happier life. I hope you will find these tips very, very helpful.
Eat Healthy- Stay Healthy
This is no surprise, but its been said enough- how well you eat every day carries great weight on how long you will live. Fresh Green Vegetable, lots of water, wide range of legumes, seeds, nuts and fruits all should be in your diet in balanced quantity.

As for animal proteins, fish and white lean meats are a much better alternative to fatty red meats. Go easy on sugar, caffeine and other health busters. As for portion sizes – the smaller the better! Studies have shown reducing daily calorie intake can increase your life by few years.

Stay Active
Along with a healthy diet the next thing important on our list is to stay active. Nearly everyone who lives a happy long life, lead active lifestyles. By staying active we really don’t mean doing intense gym workouts or aerobics etc. We are referring to simple and daily activities like walking, light exercise, yoga, gardening etc. If you follow this not only will you be healthier, likely live longer, but studies all agree you will feel much better about yourself and be much happier too. Stay active and your body will thank you!

Manage your stress
Stress has been said to be a silent killer. We agree that life can be tough, and there are some unavoidable situations which can cause deep stress. What we can make sure of though is not to let the life situations, circumstances affect us. You can choose popular and effective stress busters- like Yoga, Meditation, Writing, Singing or Drama. You can develop a hobby like Painting to de-stress. Adopting a pet also is a great stress buster.

Stay Social
Want to be happy? Stay with like-minded people. Socialize. Go out with friends, family. Find and explore new hobbies. Join a theatre group. Or if that’s too much, you can gang up with your neighbours and form a club. My grandpa was a member of this ‘Laughter Club’ which would assemble in the colony park and chit chat – have tea. Isolation leads to depression, so get up and meet your friends.

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And Lastly, I would suggest you get spiritual. Belief in a higher power will help you understand life. Pull yourself away from the mindless pursuits, and spend some time with your inner conscience. Quite time with being is important. The positive energy will help you supercharge your spirit and help you live longer happier…


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