How to keep Romance Alive in your Marriage

After 15 years of marriage and two boys, the romance in my marriage is stronger than ever. Sure we have had our share of fights, disagreements just like any other couple. But we have stayed stronger and true to each other. I have realised now, that ‘love’ is a lot of hard work. And one does have to work hard for a relationship to work.
Here are some tips that will be sure to keep that flame burning:

  • Tease him- Send him naughty texts during his busy days- I am sure you have a song. Every couple has a song which reminds them of early years together. Send him the mp3. Or better yet surprise him with a song collection for his drive to office.
  • Work Out, Stay Fit- Exercising regularly releases endorphins which improves your sense of well- being. Stay positive and cheerful. A good mood, smiling face and toned up body. Who can resist that? Physical activity can lead to enhanced arousal for women.

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Go for Dinners just as a couple- Go for quite candle light dinners to keep the romance alive. You can ask your parents to sit in, or get a friend or neighbour to babysit your kids. Treasure your alone time together.

  • Surprise him with a short vacation for two- This can be done on the long weekend coming up, or your anniversary. You can request grandparents to babysit. No grandparent would say no to looking after their grandchild/children. If you are into adventure sports you can try out trekking together or rafting maybe. How about scuba diving?
  • Surprise him with a candle light dinner at home- When your kids are at a pyjama party or out for a school trip you can use it to your advantage. Cook his favourite. Music in the background. Wear something slinky. Try these tips and you’re sure to have a very pleased man!




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