Careers in Social Sector

Would you like to work for an NGO? Working at an NGO is not just volunteering. One can look beyond this and build a career in social sector. Here are some ways you can start your career in an NGO especially in the Indian scenario.

First you need to job down why NGO can be an option?

  • What attracts you to the social sector? Want to do good for the society?
  • Are you planning to set up your own NGO and want to get a first-hand experience of working in one?
  • Are you looking for a flexi-time work option?

If any above descriptions apply to you a career in NGO would be great for you.

NGO’s or non-government organisations are organisations with social mission. Non Profit organisations differ from non-government firm in one thing only and that is that their intent to make no money. NPO’s or non- profit organisations generate surplus of revenues, but these are generally used to achieve its objectives of distributing profits. Non- government organisations on the other hand are legally constituted corporations and may fulfil quasi-government functions but operate independently.

Ngo’s usually work in fields of human rights, environment and developmental sector of health, education or disability. They usually work with grass-roots level, and work on donations from individual/corporate donors, grants, government or international sources.

Career Opportunities in NGO’s
Ngo’s may work for grassroots, but there is always requirement for skilled/experienced.

PR/Marketing- Ngo’s need media professionals with strong networking skills to reach out the general public.

Communication- there is always a need for content writing, designing. There is always a need to showcase your work for grants need some experience in creating lengthy presentations, proposals, newsletters, press releases and articles for magazines and newspapers.

Fund Raising- Ngo’s host events for fund raising to create awareness and require event management professionals.

Programme Management- This is a diverse area, and different Ngo’s have different areas of operation.

How to get started??

  • Identify your skill sets, and operational areas which you feel strongly of.  Women issues trouble you? Want to do something for the elderly? Or for kids with special needs? You can find your niche here and develop your career working in Ngo’s dedicated to these fields.
  • Find out the Ngo’s working in the fields of your choice. Make a list. Check out their work using online directories. Or get help from the statewise listing of Ngo’s such as Search for vacancies. Most Ngo’s publish their work on websites.
  • Identify the Ngo’s that will utilize your skills and potential. Visit the shortlisted Ngo’s or volunteer with them briefly.

The culture at a social sector is quite different from the corporate world. Attrition is low in non- profit organisations, but the promotion is slow too. The NPo’s are dependant on governments and corporates etc for funds.

Benefits of working at an NGO?

  • Time flexibility
  • Utilize your skills and time during your career break
  • Gain new skills
  • increase network
  • job satisfaction


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