For Stay-at home Moms

Being a working mum is not easy whether you are juggling with timelines or attending long boring meetings. Many working women when starting a family are faced with a dilemma whether to take a sabbatical from their career or to leave their child with care givers. This is not an easy decision as generally moms-to-be are standing at a very crucial juncture as far as their career is concerned, and years spent away from the corporate world may mean a setback to their career growth chart. Also the mother finds it difficult to leave her newborn baby in the care of others. She knows that these are the crucial years for her child's mental development and growth. There is yet absolutely no awareness among the companies in India on the need to provide flexi-timings for women with children. It is therefore left on women to fend for her kids and somehow manage her work too.

Not many mothers want to miss their kids’ first words or the first steps. No matter what other benefits may be on offer to employees in form of assistance with childcare or an understanding attitude; as a mother the demands on your time are here to stay. Your family needs you equally, and your company will not spare you if your work is not of great quality.

In the absence of such benefits, therefor work from home becomes an attractive option for many mothers. It’s a new concept and offices are opening up to this concept worldwide. There is not much of an investment required and you can work according to your own convenience.

It’s possible to fill the gap with the many work-at-home opportunities available in today's telecommuting world. Here are five ideas to get you thinking.

Freelance - You can freelance just about anything these days. From writing jingles to managing a blog to acting as a project manager, you can secure jobs that don't ever require you to pick up a phone or interact with anyone except via email (a perk when you have a toddler crying incessantly during teething who always has an "emergency" when the phone rings). Finding lucrative gigs doesn't even have to be a painful process. . With the arrival of internet marketing jobs, employers outsource most of work which can be done from home. Stay focussed on what you're good at, or consider something you've always wanted to try, and dabble a bit until you find your niche.

Direct Marketing - Selling can be a quick way to make money. You don't have to go door-to-door to make it happen. Get connected with Tupperware, Amway or Oriflame network. Throw a party for yourself and other moms. If you are good at sales this can be your ticket to make a good lump of money and few friends.

Market Research Freelancer- Some Market Research Agencies in India take on freelancers for project based work. They generally give out work like Content analysis, Synopsis writing, Report writing, etc.

Become an entrepreneur - You may have a hobby, which can easily be converted into a rewarding work option for you. If you like painting, dabbling in arts and crafts or like music or dance, you can start taking hobby classes at your house. If you are good at soft skills, you can try out corporate training which is always in much demand in India.

Snoop Shopping - Even though you stay at home with your little ones, you still need to get out and about every now and then. Why not get paid to do some savvy snooping while you're at it? Restaurants, grocery stores, retail shops, hotels and even amusement parks look for observant, reliable shoppers to be their eyes and ears. There is great freedom as a secret shopper.


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