De-Stress for Working Women

Stress is a major problem of working women. Here are some of the ideas which can be useful to beat stress. Many working women in India, especially working women struggle to maintain the work- home balance. They get no help at home, and there is no respite at work too.

We are stuck in a vicious cycle of stress and depression. Its time to break this cycle and we are here to tell you how. 

Acknowledge your state of mind - you are unhappy, burnt-out, depressed? Been working continuously without break? Peer pressure, office politics getting to you? You snap at every small issue? Acknowledge your current state of mind. This is a first step to realising that you are not perfect and need help. This will help in battling your stress.

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Let Go - The guilt of a working mom is well known. Sooner you realise that there is no solution to this is better for you. You need to learn the art of switching off once you are at home, and vice versa at work. You should practice mindful parenting. Spend quality time with you kids at home, bake together, do DIY projects together, travel or watch TV together.

Delegate your chores – it’s important that you do not take the lion share of work at home. If you are going for a flexi hours job, you still need some time off from you family and chores. Spouses and other family members should pitch in to help. They can babysit or ask your spouse to help in the kitchen. Fix days when he will prepare dinner, take garbage out, shop for groceries etc.

Positive Thinking - Face it, this will not be a smooth ride. There will be stressful days at work. You child will have his mood swings. There will be days when you loose it, but you need to think positive. Ignore the rising laundry, the bucketful of ironing you need to do. Multi- tasking is only for computers. Try to relax. Listen to soothing music while you cook, find ways to stay stress free.

Find a hobby - Find a hobby which helps you de stress. Yoga can be quite relaxing. Meditate. Travel with you family once a year. Give yourself time to renew your energy. Working women loose interest and enthusiasm to learn once they get into the daily grind. Learning new recipes, of any extra curricular will help you take your mind off the stressful deadlines and help you relax.


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