Plan your Work and Work your Plan

Project was to construct a two-way bridge on a river. Government decided to do a comparative study.  They gave one side of the contract to an Indian company and the other side to a Japanese company. They were both given a target of 6 months time. Indians planned for a week and started the construction work.  Japanese, on the other hand planned for the first one month. Then they started the construction. They took three months to build their side. Indians on the other hand planned as they built and were still half way through their construction when till the deadline of six months. The lesson learnt here my friend is that it’s important to strategize and prioritize before we begin any task.

Every day when we come to work we can spend initial 30 minutes relaxing and strategizing the day ahead. Let’s call it a Quiet Hour. Make a list. Prioritize your day’s tasks.  Don’t be ashamed to write the tiniest of chores in your list. 

Dell Time management teaches this simple theory to all its employees. They advise employees to make an exhaustive and comprehensive to- do list. This helps in time management in a big way.
Once you have your to-do list in place, then you can start implementing them hassle-free. But remember to be realistic and have achievable deadlines. For this your need to follow the SMART approach.

I personally ensure that I keep my house organized.  I have been preaching this so often that I thought it best to pen it down.

Every morning I would waste precious minutes deciding what to wear for work. My day would start with stress and this would delay my entire schedule. I would end up late at work and leave me all hassled. Then I read about time management. I read on Dell work management followed by employees. And I decided to implement it in my life. I began small. Took baby steps and decided to organise my cupboard. This did take a whole of my Saturday. But my Monday began with a clean and organised cupboard. To my delight because of my time management skills I had enough time to meditate in the morning and was not rushing through my breakfast. I ended up being cheerful and smiling whole day. My kids were happy that I was not rushing from one chore to another and my work – home balance improved considerably.

Here are few tips I have jotted down on ‘how to organise’ and follow ‘time – management’
Start with 1 activity.  There will always be multiple interruptions. The phone will ring continuously and your colleagues may drop in for small things or there will be an unavoidable unscheduled meeting with the boss.

In all this stay relaxed.  Stay focussed.  Prioritize. Come what may go back to the task you had started. Cover loop holes and ensure that the task at home is finished. 

Over a period of 2- 3 months, you will be in-charge of your day and less stressed out with minimum fire fighting.


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