How to survive a breakup?

Breaking up in any relationship is sad and heart wrenching. This article will not be helpful if you were the one to break up. But for the ones who did not see this coming, i would just say I am sorry. Breakups suck big time. There is no easy way to say this.

There is no rosy picture or rainbows here. The coming days, weeks or maybe months are going to be long and tough!

Depending on you – the grieving time will wary. Here is some wisdom gained from my life experiences:

Save it – Post the shock when the crying; the screaming; punching your pillow gets over you should take everything you have from your ex or that reminds you of your ex and put it someplace safe. You will want to do harm to these things at some point and if you do, you will eventually regret it. Once you’re over the initial sadness of the breakup and have had time to think about what happened, you can either decide to keep the photos, gifts or you can discard all. But this should be decided when you are calm enough and not in the heat of the moment.

Stay Dignified – Most important is to keep your dignity in all this. First thing is to delete his contact information from your mobile and email. We are not implying that you will forget him this way. We are trying to save you from embarrassment incase you decide to call him or text him in weak moments.

Love yourself –
Now that you’ve protected yourself from harmful things, take some time to revel in your unhappiness. Get it out. Sing sad songs, cry, eat ice cream or binge on junk food. Call a friend over and talk about what happened. Just get the pain out. There’s no use pretending it didn’t happen and that you feel fine about it, because odds are you don’t. There’s no disgrace in feeling crappy about a breakup.

Let go, move on – Now that you have maintained dignity, wallowed in pain, we advise you to let go. Pick yourself up, and move on. Odds are you will go through a few more break ups before you find the right one. You have gained valuable insight into yourself, what to do in the next relationship. You’ll never lose all the good times you had, and in time they will be all you remember. Let go of the past and move to your future.

There’s no easy way to get around the pain of a breakup, but maintaining your cool and looking good on the outside will help you navigate your way back into the dating pool.

Stay happy, calm. You will be fine. 


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