Kissing is Good! Pucker up NOW

Now who would tell you that kissing is good for you? But I can tell you using science that is IS good. How? Kissing makes people happy, loved. In addition to all the psychological benefits of kissing, there are some physical benefits too.
Dental Hygiene : When you’re really kissing, it’s inevitable that some saliva will be exchanged. Reading about saliva may gross you out and you may find kissing unhygienic but we have our research which suggests otherwise. A study suggests that extra saliva exchange in your mouth infact helps keep teeth clean by washing away the bacteria and breaking down the oral plaque.

Prevents Wrinkles : When you French kiss, you can exercise a lot of different muscles in your face. By strengthening these muscles, you look healthier and younger, because your face is firm and fit. Maybe that’s why Parisian women age so well!

Anti-Anxiety : Kissing chills you out. It de-stresses you. Studies have shown that when people kiss, they experience an increase in oxytocin, a chemical found naturally in the brain that eases stress and anxiety.

Burns Calories : This one I have read in many sex education journals. Kissing does burn calories! Now if you are really looking to working up some sweat, we would suggest you not to just stop at kissing.
Am sure after reading all these results of our studies you would be a bit sceptical, so our suggestion to you is to relax, don’t think. Just go on and kiss your lover.

Besides all the medical advantages of kissing, puckering up your lips for your partner keeps the romance alive.  


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