Your Sexuality and Fetishes

We talk about it, read and watch about it every day. But a lot of information we get is inaccurate, confusing and even harmful. A basic understanding of sex and sexuality can help you sort out the myth from reality and make you sexually healthy.
Our sexuality affects who we are and how we express ourselves. There's a wide range of how people experience their sexuality. Some people are very sexual, while others experience no feelings of sexual attraction at all. In the Indian social context, we shy away from such topics. Our only educational tool is the literature available on the internet or pornography which leads to further disillusionment.

Your sexuality gets influenced by your family, culture, religion, media, friends, and experiences. No matter how important sexuality is to you, we all have thoughts, desires, attractions, and values that are unique.

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Sexuality is about much more than just sex. It includes

  • your body, including your sexual and reproductive anatomy and body image — how you feel about your body
  • your biological sex — male, female, or intersex
  • your gender — being a girl, boy, woman, man, or transgender
  • your gender identity — feelings about and how you express your gender
  • your sexual orientation — who you're sexually and/or romantically attracted to
  • your desires, thoughts, fantasies, and sexual preferences
  • your values, attitudes, and ideals about life, love, and sexual relationships
  • your sexual behaviours —masturbation, fetishes

It's normal to have questions about sex and sexuality. And the good news is the more you know about it; the better you'll be able to take charge of your sexual health.

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