Avoid Pregnancy

Getting pregnant - How does this work? How to enjoy SEX without getting pregnant? Read on. 

Pregnancy happens when a Man’s sperm fertilises with a women’s egg. During sex, semen is ejaculated from the man’s penis into the woman’s vagina and each ejaculation can contain more than 300 million sperms. An erect penis also ejaculates a pre-cum which can contain thousands of sperms. On the other hand, Woman’s ovaries release one or more egg (ovulation) 14-18 days before her next period.

During sex the man’s sperm enters the woman's body through her vagina, travels through her cervix and womb to the fallopian tubes where an egg is fertilised. This is called conception.

There are various ways to avoid pregnancy and enjoy sex

Contraception’s are the safest to way to avoid pregnancy. There are many who would advice you that there are certain 'safe days' when a women can have sex withoug getting pregnant. But these are all risky and the chances to get pregnant are always there. A miscalculation on your montly cycle dates and you can get pregnant. If you want to avoid pregnancy you have to avoid ejaculation to happen anywhere near your vagina. 

Though we would not advice you to have sex without a contraceptive. Contraceptives not only avoid pregnancy but are also a great protection from STD's. STD's or sexually transmitted diseases can cause you further risk. Condoms are considered the best forms of contraceptives as they avoid the risk of STD's. 

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