Running – an upcoming fitness regime in India

Running can be a great addition to your daily fitness routine.Daily running or jogging helps in toning the buttocks and thighs. Health and Fitness is a rage now in India especially in metros. Women due to their sedentary lifestyle are facing a lot of health problems. Due to this they are motivated to have an exercise regime be it walking, aerobics, yoga or zumba.

Gone are the days of sweating in a gym with a bad ventilations, blaring music and bad smell!  Women are turning towards interesting ways to stay fit. Of late running has been gaining importance in India.

It’s obvious from the number of running groups in India and women taking active e part in the sponsored marathons. Runner Girls India (RGI) is one of the largest networks for female runners launched in Bangalore in 2007. Today RGI has close to 400 members and is expanding to various cities in India. Mumbai Runner Girls and Diva Runners are some other popular women-running groups in India.

“One of the main reasons why running has gained a lot prominence is because it helps you fight stress levels and stay completely healthy,” says NainaLal, founder of RGI.

The largest running event in the country, Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, saw a steady increase in the number of women participants this year; according to the organizers the extra 1000 – 1500 spots which were exclusively allotted for women were all filled up.
What is also interesting to note is that running is not restricted to just young Indian women. If you go to Mumbai Marine Drive on any Sunday morning at 6:00 AM, you will be inspired seeing the number of elderly women sweating it out by the sea face.

When we talk of running especially for women we all question the safety of this sport in Delhi. Especially in the crime ridden place like Delhi where the crimes against women have increased two fold. Sadly the security does stay a problem. A friend of mine was talking to me earlier and was describing me her love for the sport but lack of safety keeps her sitting at home.

In Delhi we have uneven roads, exposed garbage, potholes and hawkers all fighting for space with the traffic. Apart from this we have strays that may attack you, anti-social elements that may sexually harass you. We definitely need to answer if Delhi or Mumbai roads are safe for the runners. But we suggest you do not give up on your freedom.

Try going early morning. Hitting the road at the crack of the dawn will help you avoid traffic. Next get the running gear. Wear running shoes and comfortable running cloths. Residential parks, jogger parks in the gated communities are the safest bet for you. Avoid roads with too much of traffic. You will be running to avoid getting killed!! Always carry your mobile phone on your run along with your ID proof. Its important to carry ID proof or documents of identification in worst case scenario.

A mobile will help you in case you get stuck in situations where you need to call for help like rains etc. Run with groups. This is the best safety measure you can take while sticking to your jogging schedule.

Whether it is for a cause or just for fun, running is a great way for Indian women to maintain their health and fitness. Be warned though, once you get started, it can get highly addictive!


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