Make most of your Outdoor Space

With more and more of us living in an urban surrounding, it’s important to make the most of our outdoor spaces. How would you like to create an enjoyable and functional garden for yourself, a perfect getaway from your daily routine life?


1.    First decide what your objective to utilize this outdoor space is. Will it be your personal hideout, a tranquil retreat, a kids play area or an area where you can entertain close friends. This will help you plan and decide how to use the space accordingly. Ask yourself questions based on the shade, privacy, sun. We can add products based on your preference. A pretty vine that can double up as a privacy screen.

2.    Incase you are re-vamping your outdoor space it’s a good idea to de-clutter it. Keep only those plants, pots and furniture that contribute to making your space a perfect outdoor sanctuary. Don’t just cram things in it. This will only make your space look smaller.

3.    If you are going for paving within your small backyard, make sure to keep the design simple. A geometrical design patter can often make a space seem small.

4.    Wall pots, hanging baskets are perfect for apartment balconies. They take up limited space and can transform a dull wall into a vibrant centerpiece. Alternatively a terraced shelving holding an array of potted plants is also an effective use of space.

5.    It doesn’t take a lot of build a beautiful outdoor space. All you need is choose the right things. A few sticks of bamboo in a glazed pot can add a rustic appeal to your whole outdoor look.



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