Mother Daughter Friendship

Mother-Daughter relationship is the friendship kind

Mother-Daughter share their secrets freely between themselves and girls raised with such an interaction with their mothers tend to grow up to be confident and strong willed. For such friendship between mothers and daughters to hold fast both should acknowledge the generation gap. Mother-daughter relationship is good for the reason that the mother tend to do what she has to in order to make sure her daughter is protected.

Mothers and daughters each depend on each others opinion before doing anything. The mother expects her daughter to agree on a matter before taking decisions. Without her daughters consent she will do nothing. The daughter does the same too. Such relationship between a daughter and a mother has both a good and bad side. The final mother-daughter relationship is a cohesive relationship, one that is emotion focused and strength based. A positive, mutual emotional bond or attachment exists between the mother and daughter.

The cooperative mother-daughter relationship is strength based.

Rather than focusing on the cognitive deficiencies of the mother, the caregiver burden of the daughter or the relational difficulties between the mother and daughter, a defining characteristic of this mother-daughter relationship is a reciprocal cooperation between mother and daughter.

Furthermore, mothers and daughters in a cooperative relationship attempt to work together as a team. They strive to be flexible and attentive to one another's needs.


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