Does First Time Sex hurt?

The key to making your first sexual experience with your loved one memorable is to relax. With time you will learn your partner’s erogenous zones. Don’t let movies or porn clips influence you. Your sexual encounter is personal to you and you most probably will remember it all your life. So our advice is to be sure of yourself and your decision before you take this step. Couples can consult their gynecologists for long term methods of contraception.


The first time you have sex, it's not all smooth sailing. In fact, many fears are attached to it. Everybody wants their first time to be perfect. Some even envision it to be some kind of fairytale moment. Nothing wrong with that, but one should know that there could be slip-ups, all the same.


Safety first foremost – it’s important to plan protection. Though condoms are the best choice as they also provide protection against any STD. Alternatively you can go for a birth control pill. Protecting your partner from unwanted pregnancy is the most responsible thing you can do. This also helps you make love with no stress.

Is it Painful? For most women, the first time can be a little painful, but it’s not the kind of pain you dread. In most cases the pain is like a finger prick. However the fear of pain can make things worse. The hype surrounding the pain often induces women with fear and results in spasm. Hence it is essential to go for ample foreplay to make her comfortable.




A lot of men and women get stressed about having sex for the first time. You need to understand that you should not expect a lot from yourself or your partner the first time. In women, stress or fear will lead to dryness of the vagina and in men the penis may fail to erect. Relax and let things take their natural course. Enjoy your foreplay and feel each other up to make yourself and your partner lubricated enough for successful penetration. For men especially it’s important to be gentle and understanding.


Women may bleed during first intercourse. Scientifically if we explain this, the bleeding occurs when the hymen splits. However hymen can rupture even during rigorous exercise like cycling etc. Bleeding or no bleeding does not in any way reflect virginity which it is so commonly associated with. Building trust and intimacy is very important in any relationship.

Be ready for messy sex

You may have indulged in make-out sessions a lot of times, but sex is a different ball game. It can get messy. Don’t fret too much about stains etc and focus on enjoying the intimacy.



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