Shabana Azmi- Actress and Social Activist

Shabana Azmi has always been associated with the Art Cinema and her versatility as an actor. She has done several off-beat roles that many actresses wouldn’t touch. Her poise and polished acting skills have won her praise for realistically portraying the homosexual character in ‘Fire’.


In recent times Shabana Azmi has been associated with lots of social causes for the rights of the poor. She is the goodwill Ambassador for UN’s Population Fund and is also a Rajya Sabha member.

Among a host of other awards and accolades, Shabana Azmi was awarded the Padma Shri as well as the Padma Bhushan by the Indian Government.

Shabana Azmi is the daughter of famous poet Kaifi Azmi. Her mother, Shaukat Azmi was a famous theatre personality. True to her family lineage she is a celebrity in her own right who has managed to balance her work, her fame and her social causes with a lot of dignity and aplomb.


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