Finding Mr. Right

 Who do you consider Mr. Right? Do we have a Mr. Right waiting for us?? Romantics or Sentimentalists will tell us that they do exist. In 6 years of being married though, I have come to the conclusion that age doesn’t give you the wisdom to gauge compatibility – or predict happiness. You look for a right partner based on the looks, caste, sub-caste, linguistic group, income or occupation or maybe like-minded interests. Especially in the love marriage format, interests are the key criteria of staying together besides ofcourse the chemistry and compatibility. Even then there is no surety that you will have a successful marriage. I have friends who have married for love and are now opting for divorce. I also have friends who went for a stable arranged marriage scenario and are tolerably happy.

What I am trying to say here is we may choose our life partner at an age of when we have matured enough and are settling down. We are in our 20’s or 30’s. We have varying interests of traveling, adventure etc. I have noticed girls and boys jotting down their interests in neat order in most of the matrimonial websites. But interests change. People change. So does the hobbies and priorities. Archies and Hallmark collection will make us believe on romance and sentimentalism. I am not saying that romance is dead or love doesn’t exist. All I am trying to say here is that blindly one cannot expect a perfect Mr. Right to sail through the door. Infact here is no Mr. Right in this world.

You may have compatibility in thought or interests. But as I said earlier people change. Their interests change with time and age. Your husband is not the same man he was 10 years ago. Same is your case. You love him still the same? What we all do is adjust with time and age. We try to overlook the burps and snoring. The occasional bullshitting or bossing around you will have to endure. But you are still together inspite of all this. For me this is love.

What I am trying to say here to all women out there is that all marriages are essentially a leap of faith. Nothing can guarantee you happiness. 


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