Staying Cool at Work

Keeping your cool at work is extremely important to keep the work- environment stress free. The irritating subordinates or the nagging boss… the client sending stinkers every morning, you still have to stay balanced and cool. Here are few personal pointers from my personal experience...


 Letting go- Yes this is easier said than done, but its very important that you inculcate these two words in your life especially at work. Your boss may want you to put in extra hours to finish that important project or your client wishes you personally supervise every detail… Small things will keep happening at work. There will be unnecessary demands of your time, energy and logic but you have to stay cool.

Pen it down – Whatever hassles you or irritates you make a note of it. Keep a diary at your work table. Write down your pent up anger, abuses (if any) on a piece of paper. Do not forget to use the shredder later on. This will calm you and cheer you up considerably. Also penning down your thoughts may even help you reflect on the fact that maybe you were over reacting!

Share it with someone- Now this will work only if you trust that colleague. I would not recommend sharing it with anyone at work for that matter. Talk to your friends who are unrelated to your office. This will de-stress you and make you feel better, much lighter. Accumulating all that inside you can cause you headaches or you may erupt someday and that usually doesn’t end well. Ever

Discuss with your boss- If the problem persists and any of the above mentioned ideas do not work then you talk to your boss. Ofcourse you need to realize that the actual issue is worth telling your boss. Else you will end up looking like a big foo. So talking to the boss should be the last resort or else if your boss is a chilled out guy (not many bosses are like that) then please talk to him about whatever issues are troubling you. If your boss is the problem then you go to the HR. HR nowadays in most of the companies are given quite a power and authority.  



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