Type of Men you Don't date

There are good men that you date and then there are some who you never date. There is a breed of un-dateable men those exist. Ladies please stay away from them…


Some men have that natural charm and women tend to flock to them when given a chance. But there are some whom a woman would never want to be in proximity with. He's the guy who can be the reason behind a ladies staying single.


Here's our checklist of men you should avoid-

Mr. Volatile- One moment your super-hot boyfriend is all cool and chilled out, courteously getting you your drinks and being all caring and the next moment he is all rude and cold. You are left wondering what just happened. Usually women going through PMS go through such extreme mood swings. Blowing hot or cold may look cute from a distant but such mood swings can get unmanageable and cause you quite a big headache. My advice is to tell him about his extreme moods and move on.

Mr. Egoistic- If you happen to go out on a date with such type of men then you need to start praying. Such types are usually so full of themselves that they may find you incompetent to make an order by yourself. He will plan everything ranging from where you work to where you marry. He will take it personally if you insist on giving your opinion. If you are planning a vacation and he wants to go to the desert safari, I can bet on anything that he will have his way. He is selfish and you will be left pleasing him all your miserable life. Stay clear I say.

Mr. Mommy’s Boy- This guy just hasn't grown up, and refuses to grow up!  He's so happy extending his childhood days that he is almost obsessed with it. He suffers from a major ‘Mommy’ syndrome and if you somehow find him attractive he will respect and love you like his mom. If you are willing to select his clothes, get his socks-shoes and cook-feed him then you are good to go. If not then find yourself a real man.

Mr. Pervert- He is charming and knows it too. He flirts with every woman he meets – his receptionist to the waitress, the stranger who gave you directions or your closest BFF. He may make you believe it’s all harmless and fun but believes that he is all trustworthy. He doesn’t want to be pushed into a relationship or get serious. Such type of men considers themselves ‘players’ and would not settle with one person.

Mr. Clingy- is a total no-no to start with. He may be the best looking bloke in town but if he is clingy then he is insecure about you, life and everything. He will have major trust issues and would need constant reassurances about your love and almost everything. He will be emotional and would need a shoulder to cry on for small things that affect him.

Mr. Predictable- This one's as predictable as a bimonthly auto rickshaw fare hike in Delhi. You just know what he's thinking or is about to do. We are talking of the predictability of his actions, thoughts. He has nothing new to offer. No interesting ideas or plans. He is way too boring and if you  are planning to date him then you need to develop a hobby together. 


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