Getting Organized

The goal of organizing is to make life easier on you. De-cluttering helps in getting organized. Imagine if everything in house was stacked in well order and you dint have to waste precious amount of time looking for it? Won’t that be amazing? Well then let’s get cracking. Little discipline in life doesn’t harm anyone.

Keep your home organized:

§  Put things where they work for you: keep vitamins by the juice glasses, coats on hooks in the garage next to the car, and so on

§  Keep a small open basket on the coffee table for remote controls and avoid searching for them in the couch cushions

§  Use a plastic caddy, not valuable shelf space, to store cleaning supplies. Keep it on the broom and mop closet floor (locked if you have small children) and tote it from room to room.

§  Store extra sheets in the same room as the bed, either between the mattress and box-spring or in a box under the bed.

§  Make To Do Lists each day or the night before. You can buy the groceries on the way back from work.

§  Hide away space-hogging cookbooks. Photocopy favorite recipes and slip them into plastic sheet protectors inside a binder

§  Trade round storage containers for more efficient square and rectangular ones


Keep kids organized:

§  Give kids their own alarm clocks and post morning check-lists for them

§  Move kids’ cereal boxes, cups and bowls to a low cabinet that they can reach by themselves.

§  When you switch kids’ summer/winter clothes, mark boxes with the date and size to avoid wasting your time rooting through things.

§  Gather kids’ balls into a large, mesh drawstring bag

§  Keep toys out of sight when not in use with decorative, lidded baskets


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