Art Of Self Appreciation

Self-appreciation is important for women especially in India. Working women in India face various challenges as they live day-to-day what with juggling various roles of that of a mother, wife, boss or assistant, daughter-in-law and what not. The focus usually shifts from home to office to relatives but they are inevitably the case of collateral damage. This is usually because of the social conditioning given to us as married women and also to men. Women are the soul of the house, taking care of the chores, cooking and kids. This is usually inspite of her working 12 hours or more.  This damage of burning out usually manifest itself emotionally, physically and spiritually often leading to lifestyle diseases, relationship issues and overall as sense of unhappiness.

Against this background, loving one’s own self becomes as much of an effective coping strategy as an essential corner stone of a healthy and fulfilling existence.

Loving yourself is very important

There is a fine line between an ego massage and self-appreciation. While ego has many listed vices, its extreme opposite, that is, self-deprecation (often confused with humility) is equally vicious with consequences that range from low self-esteem to depression the entire range being equally destructive if not more, than the notorious ego.

At a spiritual level, the simplest solution to every problem is looking within. In this case, it would be looking within and liking it.

At a spiritual level, the simplest solution to every problem is looking within. In this case, it would be looking within and liking it. Because when the external assault is at its worst, the only person that can see you through is you. Loving yourself in this case is much more than self-indulgence — it is your best coping strategy.

With an average woman in India experiencing multiple biases within the society and family the art of loving the self doesn’t come naturally. Loving yourself is not confined to occasional pat-on-the-back. Nor is it an unwarranted ego trip. It is a continuous process of self- realization that requires consistency and conscious devoted effort. The trick is to appreciate yourself. Make a conscious effort. And how? Look in the mirror everyday and remind yourself what a great job you are doing managing your life and the loved ones. If you are feeling low remind yourself of your achievements. Secondly accept yourself, mistakes and all. Humans err all the time and its ok to not make a big deal of this. Things will go wrong. You will loose your job maybe. But its not advisable to feel bad and take it personally. What is important is stand up to yourself and count your blessings.

Trying to cope with superhuman expectations on both personal and professional fronts is exhausting. To top it, most people — whether they are colleagues or family members – won’t think twice before complaining. The best way out is to manage our reactions. Accept that people will complain.

Don’t take it personally. Give yourself a break because no one else will. Don’t harbor guilt. You can’t be absolutely perfect; what is important is that you are trying. Remind yourself this fact every single day and revel in the dignity of your roles. Always remember, if you can’t respect yourself for what you are and what you do, no one else will.




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