Get Rid of those Blackheads

Blackheads usually trouble girls with oily skin. They not only clog the skin pores but also make you look dull. Here are some sure shot ways by which you can remove your blackheads at home-


  • Squeeze them out by warming your skin.  Dip a hand towel in warm water and spread it on your face. Steam or hot towel will help in expanding your skin pores and you can use tweezers to squeeze out the blackheads. Be careful with this method though, we don’t want you burning yourself here. So use hot towel that you can withstand and the tweezers should not be so sharp that you hurt yourself or leave a mark on your skin.
  • Toothpaste is another way you can get rid of your blackheads. Scrub a bit of toothpaste on the affected area. Leave it for 3-4 minutes. Try to steer clear of your eyes. Now rub the toothpaste off using a coarse cloth. Blackheads will come off too.
  • Exfoliation is an important step to eliminate dead skin cells. This helps get rid of the built-up dead cells from inside the pores that cause them to become clogged.
  • If you have oily skin, try using a clay mask to reduce the oil. Use one that does not contain mint, peppermint or other irritating ingredients.
  • Make a solution of lime juice, almond oil and glycerin and apply on the face. This will not only help with blackheads but also get rid of pimple marks on your face. Lime juice is acidic and will help in cleaning skin pores and make it supple and soft.
  • Moisturizing your face with a damp, warm cloth every evening is recommended. Put the warm damp cloth over your face for a period of 15 minutes each night, to help loosen dead skin, dirt, and other pore clogging particles. After use, put the cloth in hot boiling water to kill germs and bacteria.
  • Warm a small amount of honey and apply on the affected area. Wash off after 10 minutes. It acts as a natural peel and loosens the blackheads. Before applying honey you can test it on your inner wrist to check if you are allergic to honey.


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