When your family does not like your spouse

It does become difficult and complicated if your family is not ready to accept your spouse inspite of so many years of your marriage. You have tried enough, have begged for their understanding but they are yet to listen to you. I would suggest you do not waste time in stressing over this. Give it time. Time usually helps in building bonds, especially when they would need a son-in-law in future family occasions.

The best time you can do for now is not to create a big thing over this. As much as you would want your spouse to be accepted and loved as own, many a times relationships take time to form. And if you have married inter-caste and your parents had some one else in their mind as their future son-in-law then it would take them some time to accept your choice.

I have seen many inter-marriages sway towards forming great bonds between son-in-laws and parents. So just live one day at a time.

If you are married for many years and your parents are still not able to accept your spouse as their son-in-law then you need to find the real reason for their anger. Did something happen during your marriage? If there was a misunderstanding you can maybe help clear it up if you knew the reason for the tiff.

Communication here is very important. If you brush everything under the carpet the misgivings will not go away. So if the things have gone bad due to some misunderstanding then talking it out is the only solution. You can either work as a mediator or make them sit down together and have a talk to. This way you wont have to make a choice. Home politics can be the worst. So go on now…



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