7 tips to have a successful relationship

Relationships can be quite delicate and complex. Some people spend their entire life adjusting to the new life as a wife and daughter-in-law. It requires a mix of compromise, flexibility and a will to overlook all the misdeeds if you want any relationship to work.

So what is the foremost thing one looks for in a sturdy relationship??

Genuine respect for each other is extremely important if any relationship has to work. If your partner shares with you similar ideologies then it’s not so difficult. But what happens when you have individualistic ideologies which clash? It does not necessarily mean that the other is wrong. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. If it’s not similar to yours you need to still respect it. Respecting the others opinion and beliefs is very important for a relationship to be a success.

Secondly selflessness is important. Here we are not expecting you to give up your dreams and follow your partner blindly. All we are suggesting is to get to a common ground where none of yours and your partners dreams are compromised. Small selfless actions strengthens bond between you and your partner. It can be small everyday deeds but do play an important role in making your relationship strong.

Thirdly it’s very important for the couples to take time out to talk or just be  with each other. And here I don’t mean give a party or go out with friends. You need to spend some quality time with each other where you can talk things out which you don’t usually talk of due to time crunch and busy schedules. Communication is very important between couples.

Fourth, it’s important to appreciate what your partner does for you and vice versa. Gratitude helps in increasing fondness and affection for each other. Small gestures of love, flowers for your wife or some small gift for your husband helps in increasing the moments of affection in your life.

Fifth, it is extremely important in a relationship to forget and forgive. If you keep grudges against each other then it will lead to frequent tiffs and negativity in a relationship. Here communication helps in case you have something to say. Human errs every day, so it is very important for a couple to forgive ones mistake and move on.

Sixth, it is also important that you have realistic expectations from each other. You can’t expect your wife to have super human powers and work 12 hours at office obeying bosses to coming back home and serving a six course meal. This is just one of an example I have mentioned. But keep realistic expectations from each other and you will be happy.

Seventh, keep the spark alive. The chemistry you shared during the courtship days should not suddenly evaporate once you get married. Keep the love alive and enjoy small moments of love. Surprise him with breakfast in bed on Sundays. Or maybe prepare his favorite meal, sendoff kids to your parents and put on something slinky as a surprise for your husband.  Talking about fantasies and sharing the good experiences in bed is something that adds taste to your intimacy with your partner.


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