Plan your Bachelor Party

Planning a bachelor party before your ‘D’ day approaches should be fun. Give yourself time to plan your last party as a bachelor where you can let your hair down with your friends, relatives and enjoy. We give you few pointers to make it the most memorable experience -

Invitation list- Plan your guest list before hand. Don’t forget to include close family members, cousins. It’s advisable to avoid over critical people who may not care about you getting hitched.

Venue/ Date – Time your party well before your wedding day which gives you enough time to be adventurous. Bachelor trip or party is a great de-stressor well before your wedding day. Bachelor parties are done mainly to celebrate the bachelorhood one last time with friends over drinks and party. Alternatively a weekend trip with friends; ‘Zindagi na milegi dobara’ style can be a great way to enjoy a few days away from the tedious shopping and planning a wedding.  ?

Party tips
Apart from keeping some basic tips in mind, you could also try these ideas to make sure you and your buddies have a blast.

Go for an outlandish theme- Buddies and friends can dress up in crazy outfits based on any theme that you can cook up.  Arrange for a photographer too, because I believe you and your friends will be too high to take pictures.

 For most guys, nothing is comparable to gobbling pizzas and guzzling chilled beer. Inexpensive, fun and harmless, this idea needs little preparation.

Gambling fun: This event will fill the room with raw energy and unhindered spirit. Gambling is one of the most common inclusions in a bachelor party. But do impose control upon yourself to play it only to the point of harmless enjoyment.

Scavenger hunt: Not a typical choice but comes with the opening for an adrenaline raging evening. Put together a set of mindless tasks like finding woman’s lingerie, extracting some girl’s phone number and other such deviously wicked stuff. Decide upon the meeting point and time to judge the winner of the scavenger hunt.

Sporty fun: Before you start off with your indoor fun, you can expend some of your energy out in the field playing a match of football or cricket. Bachelor parties bring together oldest and closest of the groom’s friends and what better way of male bonding than spending time in the field?

A bachelor party should be designed to the purpose of harmless entertainment, and not crushing the mood with unnecessary tensions. The groom should not be forced to participate in acts of sexual indiscretion against his will. Videotaping of events should be prohibited at all costs and so should be the swapping of information with the bride’s side.

Karaoke: Karaoke is the most popular trend these days for some wicked fun, when you pick random friends to participate in the singing. The purpose of the game is mild bashing and embarrassment. The groom will commence the event followed by everyone’s participation.


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